Boom Lift Maintenance Checklist for Improved Equipment Performance

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Aerial Equipment Inspection

Keeping your aerial or boom lift well-maintained is essential for peak performance and long life. Aerial lift maintenance also plays a crucial role in safety management practices. Besides reducing the potential for accidents in your workplace, regular maintenance checks confirm that all machine parts are working satisfactorily.

Certified yearly inspections cannot exceed 13 months from the date of the previous assessment. You should also set your own maintenance check intervals based on the operating hours a lift has accumulated and how you use it.

Boom Lift Maintenance Checklist

Below is a comprehensive maintenance checklist to consider before the operation of a lift. Many of these procedures are present in the guidelines outlined by OSHA.

1. Visual Check of Exterior

  • Make sure tires have proper air levels
  • Check for visible leaks
  • Ensure all labels, warnings and hazard signs are legible
  • Make sure all fasteners and locking pins are working
  • Check wiring and cable harnesses
  • Look for any loose or missing parts
  • Ensure guardrails are functional
  • Inspect outriggers and stabilizers

2. Visual Check of Interior

  • Test lower-level controls for emergency functions
  • Test horns, gauges, lights and backup signal
  • Check steering and brake systems
  • Examine operational and emergency controls for functionality

3. Engine Inspection

  • Check fluid levels
  • Re-check for any leaks
  • Check battery and charger if the lift is electric
  • Inspect hydraulic, pneumatic, air, electrical and fuel systems

4. Environmental Hazard Check

  • Inspect floors of the work area for obstructions
  • Check the floors for bumps or slopes
  • Ensure awareness of co-workers’ locations
  • Make sure floors are clean from spills or grease
  • Be aware of any power and chemical lines

Whether you have boom lifts from multiple brands or various models from the same manufacturer, each lift may require different inspection points and processes. Consult the operator’s manual of your machine before creating your specific list.

Aerial Lift Maintenance Tips

In addition to the above pre-operation checklist, we recommend following several additional boom lift maintenance tips to ensure a more comprehensive level of safety and performance. Those recommendations include:

  • Personal safety equipment: Making sure all workers use the proper gear creates a safer work environment.
  • OEM parts: Parts and supplies from the original equipment manufacturer often perform better.
  • Detailed records: Maintaining hard copies of repairs and service is handy for gauging a machine’s overall value.
  • A concise examination after the job: Check again for the basics like fluid levels, tire pressure and leaks.

Following these simple guidelines can save your business a considerable amount of money in both work efficiency and added expenses over the long run.

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