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Hawker is the world’s largest brand of lead-acid batteries for industrial electric vehicles and offers cutting edge solutions for controlling and reducing motive power operating costs. Hawker offers an array of different battery product lines.


Only Hawker offers high frequency smart chargers, the most productive and electrically efficient chargers available.  Patented LifePlus technology lowers utility costs, extends watering intervals and extends battery life, while automatically charging batteries of three different voltages from 250 to 1200 AH.  Power Tech packages LifePlus technology in a single voltage configuration, managing batteries from 450 to 1200 AH without adjustments.

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The Power to Reduce Expenses
The WATER LESS battery is our preferred solution for customers looking to reduce watering problems and expenses without sacrificing run time or cycle life. Requiring watering just four times per year in normal applications, WATER LESS combines the benefit of full power and reduced cost.


The Ultimate Power Source

When your operation depends on a heavy-duty battery – a battery that can stand up and deliver even under the most punishing conditions -you can depend on the power of ENERGY-PLUS.


The Environmental Choice for Power

Environmentally safe, technologically advanced, and virtually “maintenance free” sealed power. All characteristics of one battery. The new ENVIROLINK valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) battery by Hawker.


The Rugged, Full-Shift Power Source

Get the most out of your equipment with the POWERLINE series from HAWKER. Whether you’re operating sit-down rider forklifts, walkies, or narrow-aisle lift trucks, POWERLINE will keep you up and running.


The Affordable Power Source

Looking for a quality battery at an affordable price? The TOP POWER battery from HAWKER delivers the power you need at the value you want.  TOP POWER batteries are the ideal choice for less demanding environments. This workhorse will keep your pallet jacks and lift trucks up and running for a full 1,500 cycles.



Heavy Duty Applications
POWERGUARD HD  is designed to return a 100% discharged battery to full charge in eight hours or less; everything from a 6, 12, or 18 cell battery all the way up to a 24 or even a 40 cell battery. With an 18% start rate and 4 to 5% finish rate, the POWERGUARD HD chargers are built to return 108% to 112% of your battery’s rated capacity in an eight-hour period.



Light Duty Applications
POWERGUARD LD chargers are rated to return an 80% discharged battery to full charge in eight hours and should not be used in applications where overdischarging may occur. POWERGUARD LD is designed for light duty applications and is available in both single and three-phase.


The POWERGUARD SCR charger will charge every battery to maximum capacity regardless of temperature, depth of discharge, battery age or AC line voltage variations. The Powerguard SCR is your solution for these demanding applications:

  • Batteries used in freezers
  • Batteries with high-energy density
  • VRLA (sealed) batteries


LIFEGUARD 3 is designed to protect against either charging problems or employee errors. With features like automatic refresh charge, automatic start, automatic shutdown, stop push button, wrong battery protection, and cool-down timer, just to name a few, LIFEGUARD 3 is monitoring the charging cycle so you don’t have to.


LIFEPLUS TC3 is the latest generation of high-frequency smart chargers.  Plug ‘n Play Flexibility responds dynamically to the voltage and ampere-hour capacity of the battery attached to it, LIFEPLUS TC3 automatically delivers the optimal charge every time without user intervention. LIFEPLUS is the easiest high-frequency charger in the industry to operate.

With opportunity charging the LIFEPLUS TC3 offers three user-friendly ways to employ opportunity charging – or charging during idle periods – to extend battery run times.


POWERTECH is a high frequency smart charger. POWERTECH assesses each battery’s charging requirements and is designed to save you money on utilities, watering, and battery life.

PowerTech dynamically assesses each battery’s charging requirements, which means that one PowerTech charger can recharge batteries from 450 to 1200 AH without adjustment – as long as they are the same voltage. So, you can recharge any 36-volt battery on any PowerTech 36-volt charger. Should your operation change trucks or move from standard to high-energy batteries, there is no need to purchase new chargers – your PowerTech charger will adjust automatically. And PowerTech can be set for standard flooded or cold storage batteries.

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