Battery Charger Rentals

Battery Charger Rentals


Most of us don’t give a second thought to a battery charger until we need it — and by then, we really need it. If you have a dead battery and need a charger, RAKA can help. We have a variety of battery charges available for rent.

We can also provide rental battery chargers for longer periods if you’re planning equipment maintenance or need to keep your batteries charged for an important job coming up. Instead of waiting for a battery go dead, be proactive and charge your batteries so you’re sure your equipment is ready to go.

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Why You Need Battery Charger Rentals

If you frequently use your equipment’s batteries, you reduce the risk of them running out or dying. However, some of your equipment and batteries may sit idle if you don’t need them every day. Once you’re ready to take your equipment to the job site, you could run into problems when you need to use those idle batteries from lost charge, a drain cover time, cold weather and more.

Renting ensures you have the batteries you need before this type of situation. Renting a battery charger from RAKA helps you keep your batteries full for all your tasks. Even if you don’t use your batteries for weeks or months, you won’t have to worry about a dead battery when you invest in our battery charger rentals.

We Offer a Large Selection

When you’re looking for quality battery charger rentals, you need access to a huge selection. Why? Because all warehouse operations, construction companies and other businesses have unique needs that demand specific solutions.

At RAKA, we offer a wide range of battery charger rentals so you can always find the right charger for your equipment. Without access to different battery options, you may find no charger can re-juice your batteries — leaving you high and dry amid a project. That’s not an issue when you choose RAKA as your provider.

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The problem of leaving your equipment idle

In most cases, your frequently used equipment batteries won’t run out because they’re being charged every time they’re used. You may not use all of your electrical material handling equipment every day, however. This equipment that sits in your shop or yard being unused for days or weeks at a time can cause you problems when you finally need it.

Batteries that don’t get used frequently tend to lose their charge, especially older batteries. Some equipment can also create a small electric draw on a battery — lights, alarms, signals, etc. — that drain it over time. Cold weather can also have an adverse effect on a battery that isn’t being used. Just as your car can be difficult to start when it hasn’t been driven for a while and the battery is low, your industrial equipment can suffer the same issues.

A rental charger can save the day

If you know you have some older equipment you’ll be using soon, don’t wait to find out it won’t start. Rent a battery charger from us here at RAKA and charge your batteries fully for when you need them. You may also want to have a battery charger handy for a large project or job that is away from your facility or at a remote location, where a dead battery is a big hassle. With 12 locations across Nebraska, Iowa and the Dakotas, our team at RAKA is ready to answer any questions you might have and help you organize your battery charger rental.

Quality Runs Through Everything We Do

At RAKA, we emphasize quality in everything we do. We provide quality customer assistance, and we always offer the best equipment for purchase and rent. When you need battery charger rentals, you can rest assured you’re getting the best. Our vast selection of rental equipment comes from leading manufacturers such as:

  • Caterpillar®
  • Mitsubishi
  • Jungheinrich
  • Taylor Big Red
  • Taylor Dunn
  • Big Joe
  • Warehouse Equipment

What Makes RAKA Your Best Option?

You enjoy options when looking for battery charger rentals in Nebraska and throughout the Upper Midwest. But you won’t find a better blend of customer service and quality products than you will at RAKA.

We have a history of delivering service excellence that dates back to the 1970s. Since our earliest days, we have strived to be the go-to source for new and used equipment as well as repair and maintenance service for construction companies, warehouse operations and other industrial businesses in Nebraska and surrounding areas. Today, we remain as committed to quality and service excellence as when we first opened. Whether you need battery charger rentals or other equipment solutions, you won’t find a better option than RAKA.

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