The Different Types of Construction Lifts

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Types of Aerial Equipment

The primary purpose of a construction lift is to elevate workers to higher places to complete a construction or maintenance task. Construction lifts come in various models and brands, as a job’s circumstances determine the best type to use. Understanding the functions and features of what’s available can go a long way in selecting the lift that’s right for you.

Different Types of Lifts Construction Workers Use

Deciding on what lift works best for you depends on various factors, like size restrictions, the height you need to reach and the terrain on which you are working. Here are several examples of the different types of construction lifts available:

Articulating Boom Lifts

The articulating boom lift is generally considered the most versatile type of aerial lift, as it provides access to elevated areas from different directions. The primary advantage of these lifts is the ability to reach over and maneuver around obstacles, making them ideal for jobs in tight spaces.

Telescopic Boom Lifts

While telescoping boom lifts are limited in maneuverability, they make up for it by reaching greater heights than most articulating lifts. The shaft acts as a telescope, stretching in a straight line each time a section expands. Because telescoping lifts extend to great lengths, their bases utilize a larger footprint for added stability.

Bucket Trucks

A bucket truck, also called a cherry picker, provides many of the functions of a boom lift. The only difference is that the boom is attached to a truck rather than a base, making it easily transportable and more efficient in maintenance work. Although their reach is more limited by their design, these types of lifts dominate industries like telecommunications and electrical utilities.

Scissor Lifts

A scissor lift works like its name suggests, with a series of metals slabs or tubes operating in a scissor fashion to expand or contract to the desired height. Both light and heavy-duty designs are available to enable operation on different types of terrain.


While forklifts are limited in their movement and reach capacities, they are much more efficient for jobs requiring quick and repeated maneuvering. With short, vertical movement as their main function, forklifts are prevalent in many warehouse and storage operations, and they excel at moving materials around a job site. Forklifts can be powered by either electricity or gas.

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