Electric Forklift Rentals

Electric Forklift Rentals

Electric forklifts are an extremely popular piece of warehouse and material handling equipment thanks to their combination of performance, power, versatility, economy and reliability. Their quiet operation and lack of tailpipe emissions makes them suitable for use even in sensitive locations that require low noise and cleanliness.

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At RAKA, we have a wide range of electric forklifts available for rental across Nebraska. We have the experience and knowledge to help you analyze your rental needs and select the electric forklift that is best adapted to your conditions and loads. We carry popular models such as:

3 wheel Lift truck in use3-Wheel Forklifts

The extremely tight turning radius and nimble handling of a 3-wheeled electric forklift make them a popular choice for warehousing, shipping applications or anywhere space is limited. Typically better use for smaller loaders and indoor use or smoother surfaces.

Electrif Forklif tin use

4-Wheel Forklifts

Get added stability, gradability and load-carrying capacity with one of our 4-wheeled electric forklifts. They are generally more suitable for rougher, uneven surfaces than their 3-wheeled counterparts. Essential for any large warehouse or rough terrain needs.

Stand up forklift in useStandup Forklifts

These versatile forklifts are perfect for frequent mounting and dismounting like you might see in warehouse picking or production replenishment applications. The operator has clear sightlines, adding to the efficiency and safety of their material handling.

Order picker in use in a warehouseOrderpicker Forklifts

For maximum flexibility and safety for picking materials in racks and shelves, an orderpicker forklift is the best option. These purpose-built machines allow the operator to quickly pick from a variety of positions and fill an order for packing, delivery or production.

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What Are Electric Forklifts Used For?

A wide range of companies operating in various industries rely on electric forklift rentals, including warehouses, fulfillment centers, construction sites and more. Electric forklifts are often used in interior spaces where they can move on level surfaces. Plus, they operate more efficiently than forklifts powered by alternative fuel, which makes them attractive to operations focused on efficiency.

What about rentals? What makes electric forklifts for rent a good option compared to purchasing a forklift? If you’re like most businesses, you sometimes need equipment on a project-by-project basis. You may need an electric forklift for just a few days, a few weeks or a few months, in which case rental options are particularly attractive. As a bonus, when you choose rental electric forklifts, you can rest assured each is well-maintained and ready for action — and you never have to worry about taking care of any maintenance or repair expenses.

Quality Products From Trusted Brands

At RAKA, we emphasize quality in everything we do. We extend high-quality customer service to each of our clients and focus on your unique needs. We also provide high-quality equipment from trusted brands in the industry. When you choose to rent or purchase equipment from RAKA, you’ll find options from leading brands such as:

  • Caterpillar®
  • Mitsubishi
  • Jungheinrich
  • Taylor Big Red
  • Taylor Dunn
  • Big Joe
  • Warehouse Equipment

Make sure you’re getting the best electric forklift rentals by choosing RAKA.

Industry-Leading Service

At RAKA, we do far more than just provide electric forklift rentals in Omaha and throughout Nebraska, North and South Dakota. We also provide access to new equipment, equipment maintenance and repair service. When you choose RAKA for maintenance and repairs, you’ll receive a comprehensive solution. No matter the make and model of your equipment, we can quickly diagnose any issues and make the needed repairs using our stock of OEM and aftermarket accessories, parts and equipment.

Trust RAKA for rental electric forklifts, and turn to us as your comprehensive equipment services provider, including repairs and maintenance.


High-functioning equipment isn’t just nice to have for most construction companies, warehouse operations and other industrial businesses. Rather, high-functioning equipment is a must-have and can’t get overlooked.

At RAKA, we’ve been serving Nebraska and the Upper Midwest since the 1970s, delivering access to high-quality equipment for purchase and rent. Through these many decades of services, we’ve focused on giving our clients access to the very best equipment and service, giving them the tools needed to do their best work.

That commitment to quality continues in the 21st century. When you need the best electric forklift and aerial equipment rentals in Nebraska and the surrounding areas, RAKA delivers the huge selection and quality equipment you want and expect. If you’re interested in electric forklifts for rent, you can always view our inventory or contact us to learn more about what’s available for your business.


Electric forklifts are a practical and efficient addition to any warehouse or material handling facility. With RAKA, you can quickly choose the model you want in our Online Rental Store and request a quote. We’ll provide you with pricing and availability according to your date and duration requirements. Our quality equipment is ready to put to work, so we look forward to helping you choose the right electric forklift rental for your next job.

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