How to Choose the Right Boom Lift for Your Project

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Boom Lift in a city

While the primary purpose of a boom lift sounds simple, trying to decide which model is best for your needs requires detailed planning. Some boom lift models reach much higher elevations, while others are more versatile in hard-to-reach areas. Both of these factors are critical when selecting which boom lift is right for you.

Which Boom Lift Should I Buy?

There are two main types of boom lifts — an articulating lift and a telescoping lift. Each design has a unique function, so determining which one is better for you depends on the application and details of the job.

Articulating Boom Lifts

The articulating lift is highly versatile in its movement and can reach areas that most other aerial lifts cannot. It can provide access to work zones by moving in all directions. When maneuverability is more important than height, an articulating lift is often the best way to go. Figuring out how high you need the lift to elevate and how far you need it to reach is the logical first step when making a buying choice.

Telescopic Boom Lifts

The ability to reach far and wide is the primary advantage of a telescopic boom lift. Some models can exceed distances of 150 feet. Because it can achieve much higher elevations, the telescoping lift tends to be more stable at the base. They’re perfect for reaching over small rivers, lakes or other sizable obstacles.

Other details to consider when buying a lift include:

  • Platform size: You can calculate your ideal platform size by determining how many workers will be aboard and how much material and tools they will take with them.
  • Power source: Most boom lifts are powered either by electricity or diesel fuel. Indoor applications favor electricity, while it’s often more practical to use diesel-powered lifts for outdoor work.
  • Accessories: Some attachments might only fit specific models of lifts, so it’s critical to determine which accessories you might need over an extended period.

Which Boom Lift Should I Rent?

If you plan to use your lift frequently, purchasing a boom lift can be more beneficial than getting a rental. However, renting is the best way to go if you need to complete a job that’s once and done or if you’re working on a project for just a few days or weeks. Renting also lets you test out a variety of models and brands before committing if you think you might buy a boom lift later on.

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