The marketplace and indeed the economy rely on excellence in distribution more and more each day. Distribution centers are appearing in strategic areas in an effort to be efficient in moving product across the supply chain. Demands of expedited shipping only serve to increase the importance of a distribution center. Adaption to the new reality is key in order to compete. And, your material handling equipment needs to keep up.

If your need is small and flexible like the Big Joe line of warehouse equipment, or complex like the new line of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) from Jungheinrich, or anything in between, then RAKA has you covered.

In a busy distribution center, safety cannot be underestimated. RAKA can provide you with walk behind and walkie stacker equipment to minimize risks associated with speed and/or rider based equipment or lack of visibility.

Electric forklifts can also benefit distribution operations due to long lasting batteries – eliminating the problems of running out of fuel at the most inopportune times without the harmful emissions.

Count on the team at RAKA to learn about your distribution center needs and offer the right answers to increase your productivity.

Industries and Products

  • Jungheinrich

    Jungheinrich EFG 213-220 Lift Truck

    3-Wheel Electric Pneumatic Series

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  • Placeholder


    G 1500 BIGFOOT Gas

    Utility Vehicle

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