Moving goods to their final destination is no easy feat, especially when the demands of an uninterrupted supply chain are considered. In order to stay competitive, your equipment must perform. Equipment like telehandlers, aerial equipment, and reach stackers help move goods from one form of transportation to another. And, keep you productive.

Technological advancements invade every business arena, but moving heavy cargo still requires heavy duty, high capacity, reliable equipment. Efficient and cost effective attributes are a must. You’ll find all these characteristics and more with Caterpillar®, Jungheinrich, Mitsubishi and Taylor Big Red High Capcity material handling fork lifts available at RAKA. These machines can help you increase your cargo handling capacity.

The quality machines you’ll find at RAKA not only allow for increased performance but when life cycle costs and safety incidents are factored in, you save money in the long run. Maintenance, repair costs, parts availability are all factors to consider in a purchase decision.

Trust your RAKA team to help you maximize product movement in the logistics industry.