The manufacturing industry presents many challenges no matter what products are being produced whether it be computer hardware, airplanes, automobiles, medical products, steel or household goods.

To overcome these challenges you need a complete product line that meets the individual needs of each section of the factory whether it be an order picker, and electric fork lift or a high capacity IC lift truck. Manufacturer’s need to consider run time per battery charge – if using electric – in addition to comfort, ergonomics and ability to move smoothly across spacious facilities.

Your manufacturing operation may need a mix of man-up turret trucks, three-wheel electric counterbalance lift trucks, tow tractors, four-wheel electric pneumatic forklifts, walkie pallet trucks, powered pallet trucks, high-level order pickers, stand-up end controls, and pantograph reach trucks.

RAKA’s full line of equipment will serve every aspect of your manufacturing space.

Industry Products and Services

  • 2011_Caterpillar Lift Trucks_2ET3000_MC_Three Wheeled Electric

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  • Taylor Big Red

    Taylor Big Red Cushion Tire Models

    Rough Terrain/ Truck Mounted/ High Capacity

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