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Because order pickers lift workers to the height of storage racks, operators need to understand how to handle the equipment safely to reduce potential accidents. You can establish a few key safety tips for order pickers to ensure operators feel comfortable in their roles and that everyone else on site feels secure and confident in the current safety standards.

1. Require Training Sessions

Training sessions are one of the most effective ways to prevent on-site injuries or accidents. In these sessions, future operators can learn all the fundamental elements of order picking safety. This training will give them the confidence they need to perform work efficiently when loading orders onto the machine.

Having proper training guidelines in place before operators use an order picker can also ensure your company is not at risk in the event of an injury or potential incident.

2. Use Proper Safety Equipment

Employees who have to use order pickers to reach boxes on high racks are at risk of injuring themselves if they lose their balance. To provide extra safety for your workers and reduce the possibility of accidents, operators should wear proper safety material to protect them from falling.

This fall protection equipment can include body harnesses when working in elevated areas. You can also add other safety restraints, such as gates and railings.

3. Create Traffic Lanes

When a crew member is operating large machinery in a warehouse setting, everyone in the area is at risk. You can minimize this potential danger by establishing lanes of traffic for better organization and a smooth workflow. With specified lanes for foot traffic and people traveling in different directions, it will be easier for your team to carry out different tasks simultaneously.

Establishing clear traffic patterns in a large warehouse can help operators observe pedestrian-exclusive areas, speed limits and floor markings.

4. Identify Potential Hazards

Instruct your order picker operators to observe their warehouse environment before operation. Potential hazards can include narrow aisles, pedestrians, obstacles blocking the pathway or low-hanging ductwork.

By taking the time to observe their environment, operators can be prepared for anything that comes their way.

5. Comply With Weight Capacity

Every order picker has a specified weight limit, and overloading equipment could be detrimental to operators or workers in the same area. To avoid overloading or other weight-related incidents, ensure that your workers have a clear understanding of your order picker’s capacity.

Operators need to account for packages as well as their own weight to ensure they’re as safe as possible.

Get Safety Training With RAKA

If you want to be proactive and ensure that your operators understand how to safely use equipment, turn to our OSHA order picker safety training. We provide training packages that hands-on lessons taught by certified instructors. You can customize our classes to fit your exact needs and make sure your workers receive all the necessary information to create a safer environment for themselves and everyone else on-site.

Contact us online or call us at 888-404-7252 to learn more.


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