Pneumatic LP Forklift Rentals

Pneumatic LP Forklift Rentals

Even experienced forklift drivers can hesitate when choosing the type of tires they need for their application. There are advantages to each type of tire depending on the conditions in which they will be used. Pneumatic forklift tires are a popular choice when you want to combine comfort and practicality over a range of indoor and outdoor surfaces. With their larger frames and higher ground clearance, pneumatic forklifts are an extremely versatile option for forklift rental.

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What Are Pneumatic and LP Forklifts Used For?

Pneumatic forklifts are popular due to the versatility and power they bring to both indoor and outdoor environments. While cushion-tire forklifts are ideal for working on the smooth surfaces of warehouse floors, pneumatic forklifts are best-suited to work on rugged surfaces inside and outside, including in spaces where material handling is required.

Forklifts come powered by all different types of fuel, too. You can find electric-powered forklifts that run on battery power or forklifts that run on diesel and traditional gasoline. Propane-powered forklifts are often popular when the price of propane is low, or the forklifts are running at facilities where propane is plentiful.

At RAKA, you’ll find a wide range of different forklift options. Our selection of pneumatic LP forklift rentals is designed to meet the needs of material handlers and other clients who need pneumatic LP forklifts for a set number of days, weeks or months.

Discover Our Huge Selection

Selection matters when you’re searching for quality rental equipment. In most cases, warehouse operations, construction companies and material handlers seek out rental equipment because they have a short-term need they can’t meet with their own equipment. At RAKA, our huge selection means your business can find the ideal equipment to meet that short-term need.

There are many other benefits of choosing rental equipment. For example, when you choose pneumatic LP forklift rentals, you never have to worry about maintenance or repairs, and your equipment arrives ready for action. You get the equipment you want on an as-needed basis, and you don’t have to deal with any of the headaches of equipment ownership.


Before renting a forklift, you need to think about how you will use the machine and in what conditions. Our pneumatic LP forklifts are suitable for a wide range of surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. The rubber tires absorb bumps and rough surfaces while providing good traction and grip for tight maneuvers.

These models all feature comfortable and practical pneumatic tires, as well as powerful liquid propane fuel. This economical fuel allows for extended time between fill-ups and fast and easy tank changes wherever you want. You don’t need to return to a charging point or fueling station. You can swap tanks at any location and quickly get back to work. The combination of versatility and performance our lineup of pneumatic LP forklift rentals provides makes them a popular rental choice.

Products From Only the Best Manufacturers

Rental equipment is only helpful if it provides the durability and performance you need. At RAKA, we emphasize quality in everything we do, and that extends to the quality of the pneumatic LP forklift rentals we offer. Our forklifts and other equipment come from trusted industry brand names, including:

  • Caterpillar®
  • Mitsubishi
  • Jungheinrich
  • Taylor Big Red
  • Taylor Dunn
  • Big Joe
  • Warehouse Equipment

Don’t trust your important work to an off-brand forklift that fails to perform day in and day out as you need it to. Get the best in pneumatic LP forklift rentals when you choose to work with RAKA.

Get Forklifts Rentals Plus More

RAKA is your go-to source for pneumatic LP forklift rentals in Nebraska and throughout the Upper Midwest. But you can also receive a host of other products and services at RAKA. For example, we carry a range of equipment for purchase. Just like with our pneumatic LP forklift rentals and other rental equipment, you can rest assured you’re getting quality when you purchase equipment through RAKA.

After your purchase, you can also count on RAKA for comprehensive repair and maintenance solutions. Our team is adept at working on equipment of any make or model, and each location stocks a full line of OEM and aftermarket parts and accessories, so we can efficiently make repairs and get your equipment back in full working order as quickly as possible.


Here at Raka we make it easy for you to rent the equipment you need, when you need it. That includes our range of pneumatic LP forklifts, available for short- or long-term rental. Simply select the model that suits your needs and choose the duration of your rental. We’ll get back to you with a free quote.

You can also give us a call to find out our competitive rental rates and get answers to any questions you might have about our pneumatic LP forklift rentals. We look forward to helping your Nebraska, Iowa, North and South Dakota business with the forklift rental it needs to get the job done safely and efficiently, so contact us today!
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