Quick Guide to Cleaning Your Forklift

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Cleaning your forklift is essential to ensure it operates safely and efficiently. Forklifts used outdoors often become mucky from mud and water, and indoor forklifts can collect dust and grime. In addition to regular maintenance services, a quick clean is an easy way to prevent damage and prolong a forklift’s operating life.

Tips for Proper Forklift Maintenance

Here are four simple tips to clean your forklift effectively:

  1. Remove dirt and debris: Use a broom or brush to remove any loose dirt from the forklift. Start at the top of the forklift and brush in a downward motion so debris collects on the ground. Buildup of dirt around the chassis can cause significant damage, so pay special attention to that area.
  2. Use a pressure washer: A pressure washer is the most effective tool for cleaning your forklift. The pressure blasts away dirt, mud and other stubborn debris that would be difficult to remove manually. Pressure washing is also the safest cleaning method for your forklift. Using soap could be potentially hazardous if combined with chemicals like antifreeze or battery acid, which are common chemicals found in forklifts that may spill and dry on the machine.
  3. Wear protective clothing and equipment: Chemicals and debris can easily splash back as you wash the forklift. That’s why it’s vital to wear protective clothing and accessories such as work boots, work gloves, goggles and other protective gear to prevent skin exposure.
  4. Clean regularly: Forklift preventative care requires regular maintenance. Consider a weekly cleaning routine and keep a maintenance log so you have a record of when the forklift was last cleaned.

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Benefits of Forklift Preventative Care

Regular maintenance and cleaning for your forklift can provide many long-term benefits, including:

  • Lower maintenance costs: Regular cleaning can help you avoid buildups of dirt, mud and debris that are hard to remove. This will help prevent major damage and save you money on service appointments.
  • Less risk of accidents: Many accidents and breakdowns can be avoided with regular maintenance. Cleaning your forklift will keep it running at peak performance and help prevent rust, erosion, blockages and fire hazards.
  • Extended lifespan: Clean machines are proven to last longer. Without dust and debris damaging the insides of the forklift, you will help extend the operating life of the machine.

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