Shuttlewagon Rental

Shuttlewagon Rental

Does your company need a dependable piece of equipment to move train cars around a railyard, siding, manufacturing or industrial complex? If you only need a machine for occasional or temporary use, a railcar mover rental from RAKA can provide the perfect solution. You’ll get the equipment you need to keep your projects moving forward without making a long-term financial commitment. 

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We Offer Shuttlewagon Rentals at Competitive Rates

Omaha, NE-based RAKA is proud to be a full-service dealer for Shuttlewagon railcar movers in much of the Upper Midwest. The Shuttlewagon brand is part of Nordco, a leading provider of direct-to-market rail-based equipment solutions for more than 40 years. All Shuttlewagon products meet the needs of any company requiring a safe, dependable and efficient railcar mover.

RAKA offers Shuttlewagon rentals at affordable rates. You’ll get flexible terms to fit your time frame and receive excellent service throughout the rental process.

Why Rent Shuttlewagon Railcar Movers?

Shuttlewagon products include a host of standard features designed to enhance performance, safety and reliability, including:

  • The industry’s largest power and drivetrain to maximize performance.
  • An ABS braking system that provides superior stopping power.
  • The Air-Knife drying system that delivers additional safety in adverse weather conditions.
  • Exterior-mounted cameras to enable operators to monitor rail wheels and couplers from the cab.
  • Ride-on rubber tires for enhanced pneumatic cushioning, improved shock absorption and increased traction and braking capabilities.
  • The innovative, non-weight transfer coupler that couples like a locomotive.

Shuttlewagon Rental Options Available From RAKA

RAKA is pleased to offer several Shuttlewagon railcar mover models for rent. Examples include:

  • NVX8040: This railcar mover can provide 60,000 pounds of tractive effort from a single coupler. The six-cylinder Tier IV Final engine delivers an impressive 1050 ft lbs of torque @1500 RPM to handle your most daunting transportation challenges. 
  • NVX7035: Move up to 35 loaded railcars with this member of the Shuttlewagon Navigator Series. You’ll get 50,000 pounds of tractive effort from a single coupler. The LED lights enhance visibility and safety, while the optional radio remote control feature offers more operational flexibility.
  • NVX6030: Regarded as the industry workhorse, the NV6030 provides 45,000 pounds of tractive effort and 300 horsepower. The 180-degree rotating console enhances visibility and the full-width cab increases operator comfort.

What Are the Benefits of Renting?

Renting a Shuttlewagon railcar mover from RAKA offers several business advantages. Each model does the following:

  • Enables you to match products with specific applications
  • Provides flexibility to acquire equipment only when you need it
  • Eliminates concerns about maintenance and repairs
  • Allows you to try out a model you’re thinking of purchasing before making a commitment
  • Comes with service from an expert team who can assist you every step of the way

Explore Your Shuttlewagon Rental Options Today

Visit the RAKA location near you for a closer look at Shuttlewagon railcar movers today. We have stores in Nebraska, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming to serve you. You can also call us at 402-279-4146 or contact us online to request additional product and pricing information. 

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