Shuttlewagon Sales

Shuttlewagon Sales 

Transporting railcars around a siding or yard is a precise process that requires specialized equipment. A railcar mover is the right machine for the job. These mobile units can travel on a roadway or tracks and feature couplers that connect to the railcar. They allow you to complete this challenging task quickly, efficiently and safely. 

RAKA Is Your Headquarters for Shuttlewagon Railcar Movers

If you’re looking for high-quality railcar movers in the Upper Midwest, RAKA can meet your needs. We feature a broad selection of brand-new Shuttlewagon equipment that will exceed your expectations. These mobile machines will deliver reliable results to keep your rail transportation projects on track and reduce your long-term operating and ownership costs. 

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Who Is Shuttlewagon?

Shuttlewagon is a leading direct-to-market provider of rail-based car handling solutions for nearly 50 years. Shuttlewagon products meet the highest industry standards for quality, innovation, performance and safety. 

The extensive Shuttlewagon product line consists of the following:

  • Commander: This railcar mover series can help you move as many as 25 loaded cars and offers a tractive effort rating of up to 35,000 pounds.
  • Navigator: Get up to 60,000 pounds of tractive effort from a single coupler and a capacity of 40 loaded cars.
  • NVX9060: This next-generation machine can accommodate up to 60 loaded railcars and provides 85,000 pounds of tractive effort, making it the highest capacity mover available.
  • Electric: The Shuttlewagon electric railcar mover series offers an environmentally friendly option and a robust tractive effort of up to 45,000 pounds.

Brand-new Shuttlewagon products offer a host of standard features that will add significant value to your on-site operations. Examples include:

  • A non-weight transfer coupler that provides locomotive-style connectivity. 
  • The industry’s largest drivetrain for more powerful performance.
  • An ABS braking system that enables faster, safer stopping.
  • Dual air ride seats to keep operators and crew members comfortable. 
  • Ride-on rubber tires that provide full-time pneumatic cushioning and increased traction. 

Why Purchase a Shuttlewagon From RAKA?

Every Shuttlewagon sale by RAKA includes exceptional service. Our experienced sales professionals can help you select the best railcar mover for your applications and budget and set up a flexible financing arrangement that works for your business. We’ll be there to provide timely maintenance and repair services to keep the equipment in peak operating condition and maximize its lifespan. 

Our 14 convenient locations across the Upper Midwest can deliver the prompt, reliable service you demand and deserve. You’ll find a RAKA store in the following cities:

  • Omaha, Nebraska
  • Norfolk, Nebraska
  • Lincoln, Nebraska
  • North Platte, Nebraska
  • Scottsbluff/Gering, Nebraska
  • Clear Lake, Iowa
  • Des Moines, Iowa
  • Doniphan, Iowa
  • Sioux City, Iowa
  • Fargo, North Dakota
  • Williston, North Dakota
  • Rapid City, South Dakota
  • Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  • Gillette, Wyoming 

Learn More About Shuttlewagon Railcar Movers

Stop by your nearest RAKA location to get a closer look at the Shuttlewagon railcar mover product line and meet our team. You can also call us at 402-279-4146 or contact us online for additional product and pricing information.

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