What Are Cushion Tire Forklifts?

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When it comes to choosing the right type of tire for your forklift, you have plenty of options. You should consider the specific goals and applications you have in mind for your forklift. Tires have the potential to optimize the overall performance and capabilities of your equipment, especially when you use them as intended.

Pneumatic tires and cushion tires are the two main types used for forklifts. While pneumatic tires are best for rough terrain, cushion tires can enhance your forklift’s abilities in any indoor setting due to their low-maintenance, durable design. If you’re looking for tires tailored for use indoors, cushion forklift tires could be the right choice for your material handling equipment.

Custion Tire Forklift

Common Applications of Forklift Cushion Tires

Because cushion forklift tires have a smaller chassis and sit lower to the ground, they’re ideal for use on smooth surfaces. They’re made of solid rubber, which means they can last well into the future when used properly. Due to their durability, you can also utilize forklift cushion tires on asphalt for short periods, making them ideal for loading docks and indoor warehouses.

The Advantages of Cushion Forklift Tires

When you decide to use forklift cushion tires in an indoor application, you’ll notice multiple benefits. They will keep the noise level of your work site to a minimum, as they don’t produce excessive sounds on smooth terrain. Some of the other advantages of utilizing cushion tires for forklifts include:

  • Enhanced maneuverability: One of the most notable benefits of cushion tires is their small turn radius. This feature allows for easy navigation in cramped spaces and narrow aisles. As a result, you can keep racks in close proximity to each other and store more orders and materials than you might be able to otherwise.
  • Cost-effective price point: Cushion tires for forklifts do not require as much material as other tires, meaning that they cost less to produce. You’ll generally pay less upfront. These tires can also save you money in the long run, as they require little maintenance — all you have to do is keep your warehouse floors clean, and your tires will last.
  • Increased functionality on smooth surfaces: Because forklift cushion tires are specifically designed for smooth surface applications, you can count on them to perform optimally and make forklift operation as easy as possible for your workers. You’ll get the most out of these tires by using them indoors exclusively.

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